Thanksgiving Moldy Turkey

We all know what happens to the turkey after Thanksgiving Day-it sits in your refrigerator and rots! We all love the beautiful smell of the scrumptious, molded turkey! We have decided to introduce a new line of rotten food scents, and this is the first of many more to come!

Price: $2,000.99

(only on Black Friday!)

Regular Price: $2,001.99


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Taffy Terrible

Our latest perfume, Taffy Terrible, is now here! It features fresh grape and blueberry taffy mixed with carbon monoxide! It will make you crazy for more! We melt the taffy and put the grapes in with the liquid carbon monoxide. Then we cook it at 1000 degrees F. Then we sell it to the stores!



Crumbled Blue Cheese Scent

Our latest perfume, Crumbled Blue Cheese, is sure to sweeten up your day! We hand-crumble our cheese and then bake it until it melts. We then add just a hint of strawberry to make it even more tart! We pour it into a bottle, and there, you’re using it to smell better daily. This cheese that we use is from the 1820’s, so it is very moldy and rotten! Make sure you buy yours before June because we have a limited supply of 1820’s cheese!



1920’s Halloween Candy


We have released a new variation of perfume-1920’s candy! We only have a limited collection of Halloween candy for perfume use! We steam our candy in a pot until it melts, giving it that beautiful scent. Then, we pour it into our bottles, still steaming! The candy is all stale, sour, and dull tasting, so you smell even better!



Cupcake Delight

Cupcakes are one of the most popular desserts in the country! We decided to make a new perfume using cupcake frosting and sprinkles as our scent! You’ll feel very “sweet!” Our customers are raving about how delicious-smelling our product is! Some people even use the perfume to spruce up their cupcakes because they smell so bad!



Doritos Dust Hair Highlighter

Don’t forget-we’re not just a perfume company! Our latest innovation, Doritos Dust Hair Highlighter makes your hair stand out! We crush every bag of Doritos by hand, with a sledgehammer, just like the Crushed Takis. Put it in your hair, and get a red highlight! You even get DELICIOUS smelling hair. People around you will wonder where you got such an amazing hair highlighter!



Crushed Takis

Our first perfume variation-Crushed Takis! We put A LOT of effort into this scent. In our factory, we hand-crush each bag with a sledgehammer to make sure that they are fully crumbled. We then do our secret perfume recipe with the Takis! People around the world love using our perfume to smell like Takis chips at a party. Since this is our first perfume we’ve ever created, put your thoughts below in the Comments section.