Sally’s Perfume Story:

It all started as an inside joke. No, really, it did.

Shannon Sally Miller’s Story:

Shannon Sally Miller grew up on the property of the infamous woman Abby Lee Miller. Abby was in desperate need of money, so she wanted Shannon to dance on Dance Moms so she could get money. Shannon was not into dancing, though, so Abby punished her severely by making her live in a backyard shed for her whole life. For the first few days, Shannon starved and was very upset at her mother.

After about a week of living in the shed, Shannon, now five, realized that she could trick her mother. During the night on one summer day, Shannon crept into the house and took her mother’s purse. She grabbed as much cash as she could. But then, she realized that credit cards were more valuable. She could buy whatever she wanted! She also took her mom’s old laptop so she could go shopping on Amazon for her items.

At seven years old, Shannon met a middle-aged woman, around her 60s, named Agnes Soccer Kitten Rome Snake Choir Opera Assyria. They instantly became friends. Agnes had over 100 cats, and she was also an experienced government credit-card-hacker. She taught Shannon some of her most notorious skills.

Shannon, now eight, was thriving in her little shed. She had a whole collection of shoes, purses, and more, but most importantly, a lot of food, water, and clothes. It had been three years now since her mother had spoken to her. She didn’t care, though. Her smarts had led her to being one of the richest girls on earth. Since her mom never spoke to her, she never found out that it was Shannon who took her credit cards.

At fifteen years old, Shannon was admitted to Harvard University. She was so smart that she graduated college at age sixteen. Now, she was officially on her own.

Shannon got herself a luxury apartment, again with her mother’s credit cards. She was an expert card hacker now, too, all thanks to Agnes S. K. R. S. C. O. Assyria.

Shannon was now 21, and had started development on her Sally’s Perfume company. She was an expert business woman. She had invited Agnes and her brother, Goliath, to start working on the project with her. It was going to be a great success.

At age 25, Sally’s Perfume was launched. It was a big hit. Shannon and her associates are now billionaires. There is some controversy on whether her company is a fraud, or scam, but their slogan clearly states that you “can’t trust” it. Shannon has now added a notice to her new notice to her site claiming her company’s goal.

Business Employees:

CEO: Shannon Sally Miller

Vice-CEO: Agnes Soccer Kitten Rome Snake Opera Choir Assyria

President: Goliath Assyria

Art and Design: Bertha Gertrude Mildred Humperdinkle